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Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons

30 июня 2017 г. в 12:00

Professor Leo A. Bockeria
Academician, Head, and Chairman
Bakoulev National Scientific and Practical
Center for Cardiovascular Surgery
Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Moscow, Russia
Dear Leo,
How do I begin to thank you for your extraordinary hospitality during my recent visit to Moscow. I was deeply honored and humbled to receive the A.N. Bakoulev prize and medal, and to deliver the Bakoulev lecture. My return to Moscow and visit to the new Bakoulev Cardiovascular Center brought back many fond memories of my initial visit in 1975 when I first met you, Professor Bourakovsy, and the other members of the Bakoulev team, and of your subsequent visit to the United States. You have established an outstanding cardiovascular surgical program at the new Bakoulev, and the volume of surgical and cardiological procedures performed annually is truly remarkable.
Your daughter Olga and the other members of your team were so gracious to provide us with exceptional tours of the Kremlin, various art museums, and a cruise on the Moscow river. The dinner at the National Hotel was marvelous, and it was a pleasure to meet your wife and your other daughter. You must be very proud of the three women in your life who are such accomplished medical professionals and wonderful ladies. The opera at the Bolshoi was incredibly beautiful. I have never experienced anything quite like it.
It is so gratifying, given the turbulence in the political climate and the tension between our two countries, to encounter such warm, generous, and humanitarian medical professionals such as yourself and your colleagues, who share with us a common goal to improve the lives of the patients we care for, and to share our common knowledge related to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.