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To the Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery

1 июня 2017 г. в 14:00

My name is Marly L. and I am a freshman at Umass Amherst. This semester I am taking a class called Demystifying Brilliance, which basically familiarises us with different topics in the scientific field. I found this class suitable to my desire to be a scientist. By familiarizing me with these different topics, this class gave me a clearer perspective on which type of scientist I would like to be. Recently, the class was assigned a project in which we have to find a scientist that we admire, whether for their accomplishments or personality, and with which we can relate to.
Following substantial research, I picked the deceased scientist Sergei S. Bryukhonenko. I can relate most to his obsession to want push himself and his team as far as they could go because personally when set my mind to something, my curiosity and ambition will keep me frenzied with thoughts until I find a solution. 1 am inspired by his fierce dedication to his work. Motivation leads to inspiration, inspiration leads to obsession and obsession eventually leads to success.
His experiments with the autojektor made a huge contribution to open heart surgery. I admire the fact that your center has kept his memory alive with the display of the autojektor in your museum. Furthermore, it is exemplifying to see that his creation has contributed to your mission, which strives to provide specialized medical care for any cardiovascular disease in patients. Sincerely, Marly L.